• Jan Brown

Why go on Retreat?

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

For me, the most important reason for going on a Reiki family retreat is getting to spend time with our Master Penelope Jewell. In addition we get to do Reiki treatments for each other every day, discuss matters that we would not want to do so with friends and laugh and have fun together.

It is only with a group of people that we trust implicitly that we can discuss our deepest thoughts,

Penelope Jewell at the far end and her masters.

and we encourage this on retreat. We spend time discussing our teaching practice, and although we were taught the same way, we have stylistic differences. Listening with full attention and empathy we are able to each bring a piece of the puzzle together and find our own discernment for a way forward. Penelope's wisdom and clarity often makes the difference.

So last December we went to Taos in New Mexico for a week. The landscape is wonderful - sparse high desert - and the local pueblo people are a gentle and kind people. The food was great, and the center we stayed in very nurturing. I came away with a feeling of being renewed and revitalised, especially after a visit to the local thermal springs.

I would love to do this every year.

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