• Jan Brown

Riding out the Menopause

I wish that women realised that there are simple and easy ways to cope with menopausal problems. Did you know that Reiki is great at reducing menopausal problems?

You know what I mean – hot flushes that keep you awake at night so you get tired and irritable with your loved ones. Perhaps you’ve put on some weight and combined with the hot flushes, that sends your confidence into a nose dive. Your partner tries to give you a cuddle and that’s the last thing you want, because you feel dreadful. Brain fog so bad that it feels like dementia, and with the feeling of totally overwhelm, you get to the point when you say, “I can’t cope! I need help.”

I was that woman. At one time I was not sleeping, drained and depleted to the point where I went to the doctor and burst into tears. He promptly put me on anti-depressants called a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI), to try to combat the lack of serotonin which helps you sleep. It worked, eventually, but what really kept me going was regular Reiki treatments.

Reiki reduces stress, relaxes you and boosts your immune system, and who doesn’t want that, especially as we age? It helped bring me back to balance emotionally when I was feeling out of whack. It supported me spiritually, and it helped with all the physical symptoms. It gave me a different perspective that allowed me to explore different avenues rather than relying on tablets. I did continue to take the anti-depressants until I no longer needed them, but it was Reiki that helped me ride out the perfect storm of menopause.

Having one reiki treatment will give you some relief but the real benefits are from several treatments. The benefits of a set of three successive treatments are cumulative – your body lets go; it knows it’s being taken care of, can relax more, and you may even fall asleep. Even better, you find the benefits can continue for days after the treatments. Having a four-day treatment on successive days is even better. The fourth day just seems to shift everything.

If you are struggling with menopausal symptoms, contact me and we can discuss how I can help you not just survive, but thrive, and come out the other end stronger and wiser than before.

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